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Chemical peeling

  • Chemical peeling
  • Completely non-invasive and painless
  • Treatment takes just few minutes
  • Solves skin issues like acne, oily skin, pigment spots, fine mimic wrinkles
  • If underwent regularly, significant reduction of undesired wrinkles and stimulation of production of new collagen occurs
  • Very favoured non-invasive treatment suitable for everyone
  • The result is visibly smoother, tensed, hydrated skin with unified colour
Chemical peeling is quick and effective procedure, used for rejuvenation and regeneration of skin on face, neck and décolleté, or on back and backs of the hands. Chemical peeling is completely non-invasive and suitable for everybody, who desires quick improvement of complexion. It takes just few minutes and peeling mixture with acid glycol (AHA) is used. Acid glycol is natural substance, obtained from sugarcane. It is used in various concentrations.

During chemical peeling treatment, doctor applies the mixture on treated area using fine brush. Regeneration of skin itself is visible right after the treatment. In accordance to type of skin, we distinguish deep, mid-deep and superficial peeling.
  • Treatment of oily skin
  • Solving excessive activity of sebaceous glands
  • Solving acne
  • Clearing of age spots, pigment spots and other pigment changes (f. e. melasmus)
  • Rejuvenation of skin, damaged by sun rays of solariums
  • Constricting of pores, smoothing acne scars
  • Smoothing skin surface
  • Solves widened pores
  • Smoothing out of fine wrinkles
  • Brightening of tired complexion
  • Skin hydration support
Thanks to AHA acid acting, penetrative clearing of skin, constricting of pores, brightening, improving of hydration and elasticity of skin occurs. Simultaneously, smoothing of fine wrinkles, pigmentation mitigation and unifying of skin colour occurs. This method is efficient in acne treatment. After procedure, there is a reduction of sebaceous glands activity, shrinking of pores and part smoothing of scars, caused by acne in past.

Chemical peeling is very safe and effective healing and beautification technique, which can often replace other, much expensive treatments. Therefore, chemical peeling has its place in complex therapy and can be effectively combined with other methods, such as laser skin rejuvenation, wrinkled filling, bo**** etc.
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